September 28, 2022

Wedding Live Stream

When streaming something as important as your wedding, there’s nothing more important than having the stream be reliable. That is exactly what you get from Memory to Video Productions.

What separates us from our competition is the equipment and experience we bring to the table. We don’t use phones. And we don’t need a wifi signal to provide a beautiful, rich 1080 HD video feed to your family and friends who can’t make it to your big day. 

We’ll create the link for you to share with your audience members and you can even import that link into a Zoom call. We can also provide multiple cameras to show different angles, closeups, zoom-outs and so forth. We can wire the location for sound and/or provide wireless microphone options for a speaker.

MVP is one-stop shopping. Once you hire our team, you’re done worrying about video. We come in and do it all. We’ll take care of all the testing, setting up, climbing the ladders, bracketing equipment, maintaining the stream as it runs and we’ll break down quietly and efficiently when it’s all over. Whatever it takes, we do it all on our own. That means you can check off the VIDEO “box” on your checklist and focus on other aspects of your event with full confidence that it’s being handled by professionals.

Times are tough these days and we are sensitive to that. We understand that your wedding maybe can’t have all your family members and friends present like you had originally planned. So it’s more critical than ever to get the stream right.

We get the job done using the latest technology, broadcast-quality cameras, professional audio and more. We do it right the first time. We are easy and fun to work with, intentionally choosing to take a collaborative approach. We will work together to make your event the best it possibly can be.

MVP has streamed live all over the country – Connecticut, Detroit, Pennsylvania, New York, Boston, Las Vegas, California, Florida, Oklahoma, etc. 

Contact us at or by phone/text at (831) 809-6629.


Wedding streamed live from the Catskill mountains in upstate NY … 


Note the crisp, powerful audio and the closeups even though we are outdoors on the outskirts of the mountains!


Aretha Franklin funeral streamed live off cellular data throughout the city of Detroit. No wifi signal used!