May 5, 2024

Sin City Shootout

Memory to Video Productions provides the official live video stream for the wildly popular Sin City Shootout, organized by famed Tournament Director Terry Cox and the SoCal Street Hockey League and taking place once again at the Las Vegas Roller Hockey Center in Northern Las Vegas. MVP is the only company to provide coverage of ball hockey games and tournaments across the country.

You can play your games knowing that they will be captured forever. All you have to do is sign up.


MVP has been covering the tournament since 2012, bringing professional cameras and microphones to capture the action from opening faceoff to final buzzer. We shoot the games, edit them into special packages and burn them onto DVDs. We ship DVDs of every game for every player on your roster. Teams need to book us before your first game starts so that we can schedule the videographer for you.

(Important – We don’t film games unless we are booked.)

All games for your team can be made available on DVD. Games will be available for up to 14 days before being deleted. DVDs are generally shipped within six weeks of purchase or the end of the tournament.

To book your games, contact MVP President/Owner Joey Delgado by text/phone at (831) 809-6629, or on Facebook.


MVP also provides to a live video feed of all playoff games played on the rink on its YouTube channel. The stream typically shows the entire rink from one angle from a professional HD camera strategically positioned to capture the action and will be broadcast live at the highest level of bandwidth available at the rink. The daily video links for each day’s video stream will be posted below on on this page. If the feed drops, please alert a tournament official so that we can enact immediate repairs.

Throughout the playoffs, we will feature several drop-ins to our studio/announcer’s booth for updates on how the teams are faring right in the feed. These drop-ins will take place between periods and between games. Championship games will feature play-by-play from our stable of professional hockey announcers.

If you’d like to be interviewed during the day or contribute to the broadcast or have suggestions to improve it, feel free to reach out to Joey Delgado at anytime.

No logins or passwords will required to view the stream.

For any other questions, suggestions or comments about the stream, contact MVP President/Owner Joey Delgado by text/phone at (831) 809-6629, or on Facebook.


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Friday’s link

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Saturday’s Day Link
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