June 22, 2024

South Fla Street Hockey League

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Memory to Video Productions captured hundreds of street hockey games in North Miami at a junior high school tennis court, which served as the home of the South Florida Street Hockey League during most of its run from 1987-1997.

The league took over the mostly unused courts, painted the surface, built up boards and battled it out in the blazing heat every Sunday morning and afternoon. Sam Dan founded the league after starting up pickup hockey games, then transitioning to weekly round-robin tournaments among the growing number of players.

In later years, John Marnon served as League President, saving the SFSHL which had been kicked out of its home in the middle of its regular season. Teams and players dispersed, some of whom never returned. Marnon found a new temporary home, contacted players and the league was reformed at the South Miami YMCA after a pause of several months.

President Marnon led the league back to its Ives Dairy home. His reign was followed by Mike Gurowitz. Eventually, the league transitioned to a three-member committee known as “the triumvirate” and consisted of Gurowitz, Mike Srebnick, Jamie Overmeyer and Alain Poupart who all took turns at the role.

Relive your glory days as MVP dives into its vault, digitizing the original tapes originally recorded on that Ives Dairy Road surface and publishing them on YouTube, right here for free! Search our YouTube archive below (team names suggested) and find the game you want to watch.  Our archive is continually being updated.

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