June 5, 2024


MVP owner Joey Delgado has been covering hockey at all levels from kids to high school to juniors to the National Hockey League around the country since 1992.


Is your team headed to a tournament far away and you want a good stream? We’re the ones to help. We’ll travel there for you, do all the setup and provide you the link to watch your kids play. We’ll zoom in close and capture all the celebration moments for you (we call those “hero shots” in the industry!).

All you do is hire us and then sit back and wait for the link to become live. And no — this is NOT a stationary camera or a robot cam. This is a human-operated, professional camera that we use, even for a basic stream.

If you want better than basic, we can do that too. MVP offers options such as wireless microphones, multiple camera angles, instant replays, play-by-play and so on. We can even promote your local sponsors within the stream! Find out more here!