July 6, 2024

Broadcast LIVE on the Internet!

Nothing is more important for a live stream than to have it actually work. There are many folks out there who try to stream live and experience challenges they can not overcome. As a result, the video is in poor quality or the audio can’t be heard or sometimes the stream drops, leaving viewers frustrated.

MVP has been streaming since 2014 in all types of locations and venues. Whether it’s an

We can take the lid off and show what you’re doing to the entire internet-watching world. That includes anyone with smartphones or tablets to traditional computers and laptops.

Check out this live stream of a surprise wedding proposal that was actually shown on ESPN’s SportsCenter …

We can stream in 1080 HD for an amazing viewer experience. We can also provide multiple cameras to show different angles, closeups, zoom-outs and so forth.

MVP is one-stop shopping. Once you hire our team, you’re done worrying about video. We come in and do it all. We’ll take care of all the testing, setting up, climbing the ladders, bracketing equipment, maintaining the stream as it runs and we’ll break down quietly and efficiently when it’s all over. That means you can check off the VIDEO “box” on your mental checklist and focus on other aspects of your event with full confidence that it’s being handled by professionals.

MVP has streamed live all over the country – Las Vegas, California, Florida, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Canada, etc. Wherever there’s an internet connection, MVP can be there to help you expose your event to the world!

Contact us at memovid@aol.com or by phone/text at (831) 809-6629.


High School Hockey in Connecticut.

The World Ball Hockey Championships in Canada.

Streamed live using cellular data at a high school.

Streamed live off hockey rink’s internet service.

Streamed live off church’s internet service.