June 17, 2024


MVP brings its unique professional touch to ice hockey coverage, regardless of the age group or talent level – prep hockey, high school, college, adult rec, junior or even semi-pro. MVP also produces highlight reels for anyone looking to reach the next level, impress recruiters with the best parts of their game or for their own enjoyment.

MVP provides pro camera operators to games and/or tournaments and offering players, coaches and fans the opportunity to have their performances captured forever on our high-definition camera equipment with options such as wireless microphones, multiple angles, instant replay, play-by-play and even streaming LIVE.

Every highlight reel we build is customized to tailor your specific needs/requests. No two reels are ever the same as a result. Our job is to help to tell the best possible story of the athlete’s skill sets — and we take that seriously.

After a customer books our services, our cameras are rolling, following the play from end-to-end and capturing everything that happens from opening faceoff to final buzzer.

Contact us at memovid@aol.com or by phone/text at (831) 809-6629.