April 5, 2020

Hockey at PISA – kids

Memory to Video Productions streams hockey games played at the Plainville Indoor Sports Arena live and also records them.

If you have a Google account, you can watch your game on YouTube. Just choose the league division in the dropdown box below, put in the team name and the date. Then push the PayPal button to pay $4.99. Once we receive the payment, you’ll receive your game!

It’s that easy!

Division (choose one)
Team name
Date of game (MM/DD/YY)

Available games

Sept. 11, 2016
Youth———Warthogs vs Gladiators (Championship, Gm3)
JR————Roadrunners vs Buffoons (Championship, Gm3)

Sept. 10, 2016
Youth———Warthogs vs Gladiators (Championship, Gm2)
JR————Roadrunners vs Buffoons (Championship, Gm2)

Aug. 28, 2016
Youth——–Warthogs vs Gladiators (Championship, Gm1)
JR———–Roadrunners vs Buffoons (Championship, Gm1)

Aug. 27, 2016
JR———–Roadrunners vs Gamblers
Midget——-Rangers vs Warthogs
Youth——–Rangers vs Gladiators
Youth——–Warthogs vs Orange Crush

Aug. 21, 2016
Youth——–Rangers vs Gladiators
JR————Gamblers vs Gamblers

Aug. 14, 2016
Youth———Warthogs vs Gladiators
JR————RoadRunners vs Gamblers
JR————Chiefs vs Buffoons

Aug. 13, 2016
JR————Buffoons vs RoadRunners
Youth———Orange Crush vs Rangers
Midget——–Rangers vs Warthogs

Aug. 7, 2016
Youth——-Orange Crush vs Gladiators
JR———-Roadrunners vs Buffoons
JR———-Chiefs vs Blue Devils

Aug. 6, 2016
Midget——Warthogs vs Rangers
Youth——-Warthogs vs Rangers

How it works

Games are recorded with a professional camera, then posted on YouTube in 1080 HD. All games are available on this page, usually within a few days of it being played. To purchase for $4.99 and view your game, you must have a Google account as the games will stream directly to the purchaser. You will be able to watch your game on any device from phones to tablets to computers as long as you are signed into your Google account.

Games are shot in “Standard” style (single-camera) and include all the action from opening faceoff to final buzzer.

Pro style (ie: play-by-play, multiple angles, ect) is also available but must be scheduled and booked in advance.

To have games shot in Pro-Plus style or for more information, contact us by email at memovid@aol.com or by phone/text at (831) 809-6629.

Personal clips

MVP can also post a personal clip for an additional $4.99. You give us the timecode and we will cut the clip and send it to you to share your greatness. You can post that clip anywhere at anytime.

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